firstly i would like to say big thanks to those who have donated this month! just to make our new members aware AceHD runs on the donations by our members, were grateful for all the support our old and new members give us.... we are currently a bit low on donations and with the month nearly over we need a slight push, so please help out if you can

as from NOW the site will be freeleech (for those unsure on rules during freeleech please ask in forums or message a staff member)... reason why we are being so kind is cause you guys are kind to us by helping keep the site alive in many ways.. donations, seeding, helping each other, the list goes on! so this is our way of saying thanks

dont forget all donations over $10 will receive an extra 500gb ontop of what they already get

the site doors will be closing again this evening around 8-9pm (gmt)

enjoy guys and once again thanks