Hey all, Bokudesu here

I've thrown together a BP lottery game for you people to win up to 15 000 bonus points every week.
Hopefully, if you win, you will be able to afford to download and seed more torrents. Let's increase the number of seeded torrents and have fun in the process
Depending on how popular this feature gets, the prizes could get a considerable bump in value!
Drawings will be held every Thursday at 10pm UTC. To take part, read the rules below then join #jpopsuki-lotteryon Synirc. The next drawing will take place 29th Sept 10pm UTC.
(For IRC help: irc.php)


Rules and important info:
1. This is a bonus point (BP) lottery, prizes are in the form of JPopSuki bonus points.
2. Prizes are shared by all winners, e.g. if 2 people win top prize, top prize is divided 2 ways. Prize amounts are subject to change.
3. Read the topic of the lottery IRC channel right after you join and type !commands to get a list of commands the game uses.
4. Your IRC nick must be the same as your jpopsuki username (however, if the IRC nick is already taken, message me on here with the IRC nick you used to place your bet; multiple IRC nicks claiming the same JPS username will be banned from the game as per rule #5).
5. Users found exploiting the lottery system in any way will be permanently banned from the lottery IRC channel (this will NOT affect your membership on JPopSuki.eu).
6. Winners will receive their prize BP within a few days of the draw date.