Hello ILT member!

The time has finally arrived to allow you great members access to your new home..

Please start with the link below and signup with your first month membership!
You will be instructed and sent all the information you need once you start your migration.

Again, thank you all for the years you've supported ILT and the community at large.
Now it's time that we give you something to call all your own!

ps.. if you have already transferred an account from Bitsoup, please contact the ILT help desk for a resolution. Not sure what we will be able to do as each account is different, but you won't know until you ask

We want to provide you with the very best in security, exclusivity and features.
ILT is now closing!
Your membership will allow us to keep providing you with one of the best and safest communities on the web.

Your new community is not based on voluntary donations and the current monthly membership is 10 dollars.

All of your stats, ratio, original join date etc will be transferred to your new account.
If you currently have VIP time, this first month will add to your existing membership and your combined time will transfer.
Your current invites will not transfer with your account.