Remember that whole "birthday" thing?
It's not over!

We've extended the celebration.
Birthday at TheGeeks' goes 1 more week.

It closes Saturday 8 October at the stroke of midnight GMT.

That means you still have time to enter contests and get free gigabytes:

Here are all the birthday events for those of you who haven't been paying attention:

What would you bring to TheGeeks Birthday party, and why?

What torrent on TheGeeks has had the biggest impact on your life?

In one sentence, what makes you a geek?

Who is the geekiest news maker in 2016 so far?

EXTREME WORD ASSOCIATION - pick the best words!


Two Contests Exclusive to Controversy Corner!

What is the best conspiracy theory for the next President of the US?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Before November 8?

(Never heard of Controversy Corner, TheGeeks new *hidden* Politics &
Social Issues forum? Read this to learn how to join: CLICK HERE)

But wait. There's more.
We just restructured the forums.

Seriously. It looks different. Check it out:

That means we also want your feedback. What do you think? Tell us here: