Football may be America’s new national pastime, but the sport is quickly building momentum across the globe, and now the gridiron’s reach has extended all the way to Beijing.

The newly founded China Arena Football League [CAFL] kicked off last week across six teams, all located in China, and featuring a mix of international players; each eight person team is required to field a even split of players of Chinese descent and other international players. This is the next chapter of football’s expansion, the same game millions love in a brand new environment.

All of the CAFL’s games will be broadcast by ONE World Sports, which can be viewed on BitTorrent Live live and for free on a range of devices. For a full schedule visit ONE World Sports and upcoming games include:

October 6
Shanghai Skywalkers vs. Beijing Lions
Dalian Dragon Kings vs. Shenzhen Naja
Shanghai Skywalkers vs. Beijing Lions
October 8
Dalian Dragon Kings vs. Shenzhen Naja
Guangzhou Power vs. Shanghai Skywalkers
October 9
Shenzhen Naja vs. Beijing Lions
Qingdao Clipper vs. Dalian Dragon Kings
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