Beloved TvTorrents users, that time of the year has come when we have to pay our servers, so we are opening the donations again with all the known generous rewards.

-TvT Staff


Dragi useri TvTorrents, a venit acea perioada a anului, când trebuie sa platim serverele, asa ca vom deschide din nou donatiile, cu recompensele generoase deja cunoscute.

-TvT Staff


Methods for donating:

PayPal: ask HERE

Bitcoin: 1Lnq1QBUjfWUy4d7cosN2uvTGCintdb6av


All donors receive a donor medal (will appear by their username), upload credit (see below) and invites:

1€ --> 2GB** 20€ --> 70GB
5€ --> 10GB** 30€ --> 100GB
10€ --> 30GB** 40€ --> 150GB
15€ --> 40GB** 50€ --> 200GB


Metode pentru a dona:

1. Pentru PayPal contactati-ne AICI

2. Prin Bitcoin la adresa: 1Lnq1QBUjfWUy4d7cosN2uvTGCintdb6av

3. Pentru donatii prin transfer bancar contactati-ne AICI


Fiecare user care va dona, va primi o medalie (va aparea langa username), credit upload + invitatii, dupa cum urmeaza:

1€ --> 2GB 20€ --> 70GB
5€ --> 10GB 30€ --> 100GB
10€ --> 30GB 40€ --> 150GB
15€ --> 40GB 50€ --> 200GB