Dear User,

The domain address change because we lost a lot of torrents and connections. (
Would like to ask ALL Your help TO ADD AGAIN more torrents back to US!

For this there are two solutions.

1. First Delete the torrent client and take off again in the torrent file!
After checking with the torrent Seed!

2. Jobb click at the bottom of the red field .A click Properties.
A transcript of the field Trackers tracker address from .net TO .info !! This is probably the easier way !!!

http. // bithorlo net : 2710 / 50abeb613b1b618b692a171dc0f1b092 / announce

http. // bithorlo info : 2710 / 50abeb613b1b618b692a171dc0f1b092 / announce

If the action will be successfully, freeleech period will be until the end of the year !!!

Bithorlo Staff