x264.me 11th Birthday Celebrations!

The time has come once again for x264.me's birthday celebrations! We're turning 11 this year, which is quite old in "private tracker years". Please help us to celebrate in any number of ways; take advantage of the free leach, upload some nice content you have laying around, or even just wish us a happy bday in the forums or on IRC! Our Birthday topic in the forums can he found here.

We'll kick off the Celebrations with Site-Wide Free Leech on EVERY torrent, old and new! Please note that every torrent will be free, even if it doesn't have the normal red *FREE* marker on it. Then after a few weeks of that we will turn things up a notch and add Site-Wide 2x Upload into the mix. When the Free Leech kicks off you will see a red notice on every page that will say something like "11th Bday Free Leech". Once we start the 2x upload that will change to something like "Free Leech + 2x Upload". We will also edit this News post to reflect when things start and end.

Site-Wide Free Leech turned on!