Halloween is upon us once again! Time to bust out the costumes, fireworks and pumpkins!
We'll be having a mini-celebration of our own once again at AnimeBytes focused around the community.

Firstly the Halloween Avatar Matsuri‚Ą˘ is making a comeback. If you weren't here for it last year, the idea is simple: pick a halloween-themed avatar and use it for the duration of the festivities. Shortly after All Hallows' Eve, anyone who has posted in this thread and has their themed avatar showing will have received ¬Ľ2,000 from us. In addition, two randomly selected participants will instead receive ¬Ľ20,000.

Also up for grabs is a one-time only Trophy for your profile to commemorate your participation in the 2016 Halloween celebrations! This is obtained simply by posting in this thread with a themed avatar, as explained above.

Remember that you need to post here to be eligible for the ¬Ľ and Trophy.

We're also holding two creative entry competitions this year. The first being the drawing competition. to qualify, a drawing must be done in an anime/manga style and be Halloween themed. Entries that are marked serious attempts will receive a participation reward of ¬Ľ5,000. In addition there will be prizes and unique trophies for the top three judged entries. See the contest thread for details and to submit your drawings!

The second creative entry is our third annual Halloween pumpking carving contest. As usual we want to see your spooky pumpkins and once again offer ludicrous rewards for participation. All pumpkin entries will receive ¬Ľ10,000 with additional rewards for the top three judged entries that include: AotF selection/custom coloured titles/¬Ľ/profile trophies. See the contest thread for details and to submit your pumpkins!

We wish you a happy Halloween!
AB staff.