The holidays can be a great time to give to those less fortunate. Lets give back by donating canned foods, clothing, shoes, electronics & other goods. Every little bit helps! Below is a list of organizations that you can donate various goods to. These are not the only places you can donate to they are just a few of many.

- Pickupplease
Donate clothing & other goods to Veterans.

- Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America helps by offering nice clothing at an understandable price to those less fortunate.

- Soles4Souls
Soles4Souls is an organization that helps by sending shoes that people donate to those in need.

- Project Night Night
Project Night Night gives children blankets, books, and stuffed animals.

- Get Well Gamers
Get Well Gamers is an organization dedicated to bringing entertainment to children in hospitals.

- Feeding America
Feeding America helps you find food banks in your area.


1) Pictures!

1.1) To be rewarded you must submit picture proof of the following:
1.2) Items you are going to donate.
1.3) The items at the drop box or place you are dropping the donated items off to.
1.4) A receipt with a visible list of the items you've donated. Hide personal information.
1.5) Site username must be visible in all pictures. Without it you will not be rewarded.

2) Submit all picture proof in one post on this thread.
2.1) If you do end up donating to more than one place edit your original post & add the relative information below the other pictures.

3) This competition will run until December 31st.
3.1) Any new posts or edits will not be counted after Dec 31.


First Place wins a Platinum Seedbox courtesy of SeedMyBox
Second place will win a Gold Seedbox courtesy of SeedMyBox
Third place will also win a Gold Seedbox courtesy of SeedMyBox

- I will PM the top three winners with details at the end of the contest as well as answer any questions you may have.
- The winners will be tallied at the end.
- Even if you don't place in the top three you still earn bonus points for every donation you make.
- I will give everyone who joins in this contest a hug myself!

1) Bonus Points
1.1) 1,000BP per canned good
1.2) 5,000BP per book
1.3) 5,000BP per toy
- Toys can be anything from an action figure to a plush bear.
1.4) 10,000BP per article of clothing
1.5) 15,000BP per blanket
1.6) I will determine the amount of BP you receive when you donate an electronic device.

//BTN Staff