Taking screenshots on seedbox can sometimes be really painful. Especially for less experienced users or when seedbox is heavily loaded. This is why I want to show you very user-friendly way to take screenshots from your file on seedbox using your local VLC Media Player without having to download a whole file.

The idea is to play the file on your local VLC player and pause then take the screenshot (Video > Take Snapshot)

You're gonna need 2 things:

VLC Media Player on your local machine
Direct link to your file (HTTP, FTP...) - Continue reading to know how to form FTP link to your file.
FTP/HTTP/..etc access info to your server/seedbox to form the link - Continue reading to know how to form FTP link to your file.

How to do it?

Start VLC on your local computer and press CTRL+N. This window should appear.


Now you'll need link to your file. Because it's not public (if so make sure it's not) you have to provide login (username and password), path to file and domain/IP of your seedbox. When you have all these information ready you are able to get link like this and paste it to VLC:


or with the port