This guide is to specify MediaInfo output in a format that's clean, simple and acceptable/preferred for most users according to your own taste.

It's worthy to mention and MediaInfo doesn't work correctly with all kind of media. Like full blurays, you'd use BDInfo, eac3to, tsmuxer or other for more correct info.

MediaInfo -

I work with the latest version at this moment of posting this guide which is 0.7.77 GUI x64 windows portable version.

Note that MediaInfo shows no bitrate for video and audio for files having AAC stream in them.Also it shows inaccurate bitrate for file having DTS-HD, TrueHD streams for both video and audio streams.

Custom Templates Files

Custom output templates are stored in files with type of .csv and stored in the folder Plugin\Custom\ which could be located in the same folder of the app or in %appdata%\MediaInfo\ folder.

You can do this custom template in two ways, either by editing the .csv as txt file or edit the custom template from MediaInfo or edit a current one. Look to the image for example

I prefer editing the file directly

There is CLI version and simply you can put your format in a txt file and use it on video file like this

C:\MediaInfo_CLI_0.7.77_Windows_x64>MediaInfo.exe --Inform=file://C:\test_format.txt"C:\movie_temp\Interstellar.2014.iMAX.720p.Blu Ray. DTS.x264-LEGi0N.mkv"


At the mediainfo GUI you'd see sections like this

So you'd select the section and add the info to it like

File Name.............: %FileName%.%FileExtension%

But on the file editing you'll specify the section at the beginning then add the format in one line like this

General;Filename.............: %FileName%.%FileExtension%

The previous two formats will output EXACTLY the same result. If you use the CLI then you'll but the second format (with the red part) into the txt file and use it.


I like this first simple one and I made it for the purpose of simplicity and clean with only needed info.



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Simplest by cvrle!uIonzZZC!wGYrcFQvg...0HC7ZeN7cZQ498

Polo by Polo!HEYkUSIK!WWo2RgS88...zOL90wZcmV3vog

Please, feel free to share your template with proper bbcodes that you use.