This basic guide will cover how to manually download torrents from RSS feeds, and how to set up Deluge to automatically download torrents.

What we need:

1- Deluge -
2- YaRSS2 -


- Install Deluge and run

- Figure out what py version of plugins you'd need

- Download the plugin .egg file and install it from Deluge preferences

Preferences -> Plugins click Install plugin, locate the downloaded plugin egg and select it to install.

Copy the plugin egg to the Deluge config plugins directory:

If the Plugin does not show up in the Plugins list then it is likely the incorrect Python version of the plugin has been installed


Creating RSS Feed

To begin you will need to create an RSS feed on AlphaRatio to add to Deluge. In this example I will use all releases.

1. Click the RSS link in the menu at the top.

2. Create your RSS Feed. Name the Filter to your liking.

3. Scroll down and put a check box next to the category you want. I however left them all so I filter all releases. Up to you here.

4. Click Create Filter.

Next you will need to copy the URL to your newly created RSS Feed. You can do this by right clicking the and copy location link. I will call this our special rss feed url


If you click on that link, you will see the torrents that filtered for you. Don't worry, this is level one filtering which is limited to AR site filtering for its efficiency. From the results you see, you can even filter more specific torrents as we will see.

Adding RSS Feed to Deluge rss plugin

Open deluge and go to Edit >> Preferences >> YaRSS2. Click on the "RSS Feeds" tab and Add Feed.

Notice that on step 5 in the image above you put the special rss feed url. Step 6 is how much is the time or period that when passed, the client will check for new torrents. It wont go below 5 minutes which is good. Making it less is not good for AR or any other private trackerusually so be careful with this one.

Now go to the Subscriptions tab and add subscription.

Here is almost the whole work. From 1 to 4 are clear enough. 5 is fetching some releases on the "Matching" small window so you can test the matching behavior on them.

6 is the filter regular expression. I used .* to filter ALL releases. Now remember, this is the second level filters. It will filter the results from special rss feed url even more.

Say we picked only TvHD category to create our special rss feed url so we ended up with special rss feed url that get us all HD tv torrents. We can on the second level filtering to put the regular expression as .*1080p.* to get only the 1080p torrents downloaded. See how this works ? Regular expression is very powerful and here is explanation by @TiNk (thanks)

Filter - Regular Expression (RegEx)

Regular Expressions can be very complicated, there are many guides and useful tools on the internet for regex so we are only going to give an example and try to explain them.


We'll use Game of Thrones as is exampled in the above image. You'll notice in the Filter Field, the expression used is:

The asterisk (*) here is used as a wild card. Because Alpha Ratio has numbers before the release title, we have to use the first asterisk (*) to tell the filter to accept anything before the release name. Then of course we have Release Name. Be sure to not use spaces in the release name, otherwise it will never find what you are looking for. And to follow it all up, we use another asterisk (*) at the end to tell the filter to accept anything after the release name. The reason for the final asterisk (*) is because we've already established in the other settings in this filter to use HDTV and 720p and of course the episode season/number.

Smart Episode Filter: This little check box tells the filter to only download this release 1 time. SO if there are 5 different release groups, it will grab the first to be posted to the site, ignoring the other releases. So use at your discretion.

Once you have all this, you can check to see if your filter is properly set up by clicking the small (?) towards the bottom left. If your release is in the RSS Feed, it will be displayed in the pop up window. If its not, then it will not show.

The best way to test a rule is to find a Show that is in the feed and then create a rule using the settings I showed in the above picture and only change the name in the Filter Field. So if Game of Thrones isn't in your RSS Feed, then change that name to something else that is for example: *Game.of.Thrones* --> *Fear.the.Walking.Dead* Also, make sure you change the season and episode field to match the new release name and press the (?) again see if the filter picks it up.

You can test and learn also at

After finishing filtering, click on "Save". Now activate the subscription but right clicking on it and running it as in the image below.

notice that the subscription must be in active status. If you want to disable it, simply double click on the active mark and it will be deactivated.

Happy Rssing

Not written by me