Recover deleted photos or files is a serious issue, especially nowadays, when any digital document is stored on a hard disk, SSD, CD, DVD or USB stick. Sooner or later each of us to make the mistake, to accidentally delete important files. Fortunately, deleted data from a HDD, SSD, stick, not permanently deleted, they can be found further on that media, and can be recovered with specialized software in data recovery.
Recuva is a free software recovery photos and deleted files, software about which we talked on another occasion, but it is worth to remind about its existence because this program really does its job, and I can say with conviction, it is doing better than in the past.

How to use recovery program pictures and files Recuva? After installation, you will have shortcut to launch the desktop. After launch you'll wizard mode that will wear "hand" until the end of the recovery process. Following the wizard, you can select exactly the type of files you want to recover it (only pictures, only videos, etc), then you can select the location (hard drive, SSD, etick site, etc.) from which you want to save. You also have the option of scanning deep (deep scan) that will long scan time, but you will find more data for a possible recovery. Finally, you can select files to save and ready. How good is data recovery program Recuva? Besides Recuva these days I tried other recovery programs, but none amounted to Recuva. It can find files to recover, even on drives formatted; Which help in recovering data from formatted drives.

Download recuva:
(free recovery program deleted photos and files)