Most of you can ignore this message, for those of you that are new - pay attention.

Admins and Sysop's are not your personal assistants on this site or any site. If you have issues, requests, wants, needs, find someone that's been here for a while - make a request in the appropriate forum.

ALTERNATIVELY - we have a STAFF PM feature that automatically notifies staff and then the appropriate level of staff will respond. This is the quickest, easiest and safest way to get your questions answered.

We are here to help - HOWEVER - do not, under any circumstances PM a Admin or Sysop demanding anything ... an encode ... a feature ... nothing. We have forums for that, we have a request page for that.

From this point forward, anyone directly PM'ing Admins or Sysops without first trying to get help in the forums and then Staff PM's will be immediately warned for 2 weeks. You don't want to know what happens if it occurs twice. If you are contacted by an Admin or Sysop directly - first - then by all means, continue to discuss on that issue.

There's no discussion on this.