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    5 Places to Watch TV Online

    Looking for more places to watch TV online? Of course you are. Here are five apps youíve probably never heard of for doing just that.
    Most people know about Netflix and Hulu, and others might even know about the more obscure sites like Crackle or ShoutFactoryTV, where you can watch Mystery Science Theatre.

    Today we offering you five places to lean back and watch stuff. Most people havenít heard of these sites, so get ready to see something new.

    TubiTV (Web, XBox, iOS, Android): Free TV and Movie Streaming Site Youíve Never Heard Of

    Have you heard of TubiTV? I hadnít, and was pleasantly surprised by the content offered on this free site. Youíll find ad-supported access to TV shows and movies from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), and Lions Gate Entertainment, among others.

    There are TV shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway and Peep Show, plus movies like Young Adult, Crash, and more than a few Star Trek films. Thereís a lot of fluff to dig through, but thereís some pretty good content here not offered on other sites. Check it out if you want something to watch, and let us know about anything great you find in the comments below.

    (Web, iOS): Lean-Back News Interface from the Top Wire Service

    You might not know what Reuters is, but if you watch the news at all chances are youíve seen their work. This international wire service sells video footage to news networks around the world, and this new site lets you quickly watch a lot of that footage in quick succession. Itís like a news show, but you can skip the stories youíre not interesting in. Just open the site and lean back.

    You can use the up and down keys to switch between stories, if you want, or you can just watch everything and get caught up.

    (Web, iOS, Android): A New TV Channel Offering Online Documentaries

    Infamous media company Vice is at it again, this time with an entire TV network filled with documentaries about everything from food to politics. The website and smartphone apps give you free content to a few episodes from each show.

    Thereís more content to be had here, but youíll need to prove you have a cable subscription in order to access it.

    (iOS): Netflix for Kids

    Have you ever logged into Netflix and handed your iPad to your child, only to wonder what to do if they watch something too adult for them? Hopster is the answer to that. This app offers kids shows like Paddington for your kids to watch, and nothing else.

    If you want to get an idea if your kid will like this service, thereís a 7-day trial. From then on a subscription costs $4.99 a month. The service is offered in 100 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, and India.

    Giphy TV
    : Watch Nothing but GIFs, Forever

    Who needs story? GIFs are the language of the web, and with Giphy TV you can partake in that language for as long as you want. Just open the site, lean back, and bask in the glow of gif after glorious gif.

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    People are against TV lately it seems.

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    BookFace FTW apparently...

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    thanks..... helpful...

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    Animedao for anime....all the animes are there

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