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    Pedro's : Invite Given

    Dear members,
    from December 9th for 3 weeks we will be giving away invites for the following member classes,
    1 invite for Users
    2 invites for Senior Users
    3 invites for Uploader Lite and higher
    These invites will expire after December 30th, and this will be the last time we offer such bonus invites. As always be very careful to whom you offer these invites as outlined. Also if your ratio is such that you don't fall into any of the above classes, you could always help your ratio and the site with a donation And if everyone is really good there may be some more goodies for New Year !

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    Thanx for the news m8
    will try to get invite
    Together we will change the world of private torrent trackers, just like we did in the past. I'm torrenting since 2010, and I will stop when I die.

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    thx for good news

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