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    [HD-Torrents vs Awesome-HD] for HD movies


    I have been thinking about this for a while and it is an uneasy decision to make. Doing research, there are good points for both trackers, but most opinions are from 1-3 years ago and lots can change in such periods of time. This is why I am coming to this great community to ask you about you opinions on these trackers for myself and others interested as well.

    Before you post your opinion, please make sure you are very familiar with both, or even better, have used both before in the not-too-far past.

    As well, if you would recommend another tracker altogether of a similar level (not HDBits of course), please do.

    Thank you.
    Please do not forget to add feedback

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    Beyondhd at is one of the best sites for HD movies and great community

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    Are you joking?
    BeyonHD is dead in comparison to the other HD trackers.

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    Is hd-torrents good for HD TV Series?

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    No. If you search series only BTN > Freshon > Shazbat > Morethan and IPTorrents.

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