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    hdchina new test ?

    hello i just read about the new test on hdchina , but how i konw if i need to pass this test ?

    some users say there is a progress bar on the top but i d'ont see it ?

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    confirm announcement

    Starting from Nov/30th/2012, ending at Jan/31st/2013, last for 2 months.

    Users who registered before Sep/29th/2012.

    I.For those junior members, including only "群众演员","配角","演员", you need to take the elimination exam, based on the total amount of the sum of upload and download, members ranked among the last 500 will be disabled.
    II.For senior members, including only "大腕" & "编剧" & "导演" & "制片人",you need to finish a date increment exam, which indicates to obtain a total amount of the sum of upload and download logged by system no less than 100GB during the exam. How this 100GB data are arranged is up to you.

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