OK so I know we told you guys that ETA was end of November. I personally thought that was too soon but BladE insisted he could get the site working by then. Unfortunately, it's not working well enough for us to even open up for beta testing yet. We've also discovered that the tracker "Ocelot" does not compile very easily under FreeBSD which is what our servers run - which has put another spanner in the works.

The good news is that the actual framework I was telling you about is complete - it's just a matter of adding more functionality, like torrents and forums. The designs are coming along beautifully. As previously mentioned, we will include the TDv2 Dark style as one of the available styles on the new site, and introduce 2 new ones - one dark and one light - completely different styles. As the framework is complete, I am now also going to join the site coding to help expedite the delivery of it.

I'm not going to give a new ETA - but just simply say, it will be done when it's ready.

Mods, Uploaders, FLS - Beta testing will probably start in a week's time.

Source: Torrent-damage.net