"Remember, Remember," wait shit, that's November.. December. It's when you get out your Rosebuds and your skates, and you're happy and you know it, and you clap your hands. Or you're sad and miserable. Either way, we've got the goods. We've got the happy, we've got the sad, we've got the lot, but we're just hoping you'll be glad scantily clad.
All uploads tagged with the genre "COMEDY" or "FILM-NOIR" will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.
Post your uploads in the contest thread to receive the one time entry bonus of 10k!
I was staring through the bottom of a whiskey bottle when she walked into my office, prancing in on legs so long they went all the way up to her SeedMyBox t-shirt, when I asked her name, she smiled and told me that not only will the winner receive a 1GB VPS, not only will second place receive a 2012 Platinum Seedbox, not only only will third place receive a 2011 Platinum Seedbox, but a 2010 GOLD SEEDBOX WILL BE AWARDED TO A RANDOM PERSON IN THE TOP 50!!! I thought it was strange that a doll would walk in and make that declaration, then again I think a lot of strange things on a 3 day bender.


Places and Prizes will increase as the contest goes on!
1st Place - 1,000,000 + 200,0000 + 1,000,000 = 2,200,000 + A BBCode Custom Title, a 1Gbps Diamond VPS from Seedmybox.com and VIP for 1 Month!
2nd Place - 700,000 + 200,0000 + 850,000 = 1,750,000 points! + A BBCode Custom Title and a 1Gbps 2012 Platinum Seedbox from Seedmybox.com!
3rd Place - 400,000 + 200,0000 + 750,000 = 1,350,000 points! + A Custom Title and a 1Gbps 2011 Platinum Seedbox from Seedmybox.com!