[FONT=Chicago]Hi guys, I don't have account in most of the popular private trackers, so my list might not look too good compare to others. I will rank the trackers based on my personal experience....

1. TorrentLeech [TL] http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?2377-General-TorrentLeech-%28TL%29]Review
[FONT=Chicago] TL is one of the best general tracker I have ever used so far. They have got 224000+ members with huge amount of really good seeders, so you can download anything anytime with a brilliant speed. If you are decent user, ratio maintain should be easy. To get a invite to this site is not that tough either.

2. SceneAccess [SCC] http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?2702-General-SceneAccess-%28SCC%29]Review
[FONT=Chicago] SceneAccess is another general tracker for latest movie, tv, music and game-releases, including great archives directly from the Scene at insane speed. Again, lots of good seeders with seedbox which means no problem with speed. Ratio maintain is not easy, however they have huge archive section on freeleech which helps you to improve your ratio. To can get a invite for SCC from their users, however they might ask you for some kind ratio proofs.

3. Iptorrents [IPT] http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?2416-General-IPTorrents-%28IPT%29]Review
[FONT=Chicago]Iptorrents is hugely popular and offers a variety of content from movies, music, games, E-books, TV shows, and adult contents. IPT is one of the easy tracker to find a invite to. Ratio maintaining is also very easy. Their speed is great with some brilliant uploaders. Most of the upload contains the IMDB link which helps user to check any details before download. Everyday you will find lot of freeleech release on this tracker.

4. TorrentDay [TD]
Torrentday is a rapidly growing general tracker which claimed to have 385000 members within just six months since TorrentDay was launched, TD offers only scene releases, and torrents from “reputable non-scene groups”. Most releases are seedbox-hosted, ensuring pretty good speeds, while pretimes are pretty strong for a fairly new tracker. To get an invite for that and ratio maintain both are easy.

5. Tvtorrents [TVT] http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?285-TV-TvTorrents-%28TVT%29]Review
[FONT=Chicago]Tvtorrents is one of the oldest and successful TV torrent private tracker with lot of shows old and new with good seeders and brilliant speed. They don't have a ratio system but a credits system that makes the tracker a lot easier to use. Sometimes shows are uploaded as briefly as 15 minutes after their live airing. To get a invite for them is not difficult.

HD-MKV is a new and fast growing HD tracker providing speed with seedbox hosted files by dedicated uploaders and encoders. Their uploader team is very good at quick release, friendly community and they have a online radio as well. Invites are very easy to get. The site goes every now and then, so ratio maintain not a problem at all.

7. Bitgamer [BG] http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?308-Games-BitGamer-%28BG%29]Review
[FONT=Chicago]I think bitgamer is one of the biggest gaming tracker around. They provides game for any system you can think of. You can find almost any game there. To get a invite is easy, also you can get upload credit from other users very easily which help you to keep your ratio satisfactory. If you love to play games, you should go for this tracker.

8. Bit-HDTV [BHD]
Bit-HDTV is one of the great HD tracker with decent TV contents and movie releases. Their internal groups are really active on releasing movies and tv-series. Invite for this tracker are not difficult and ratio maintain is easy due to their Free 2x upload section.

9. Pro Wrestling [PWT]
PWT is a private tracker dedicated to sharing Wrestling/MMA related content such as WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW. If you love wrestling this is the site for you. Invite getting is easy, power users get invites frequently. Recently the made the site freeleech, so ratio maintain easy.

10. Desi Torrents [DT]

Desitorrents is the best tracker for Bollywood material. They have huge collections of Bollywood movies, music , TV show and porn. Ration maintaining is not a problem here as they have lots of leechers. Speed is quiet decent as well, however to get an invite is bit difficult.