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    Galaxy S8 tipped to sport front camera with autofocus

    Given the proliferation of the selfie phenomenon, manufacturers are eager to deliver the best front cameras they can fit in the limited bezel space, and constantly increasing the shooters' resolution and features.

    The upcoming Galaxy S8 may not be an exception, according to Korean media, as it is tipped to sport a front-facing camera with autofocus abilities - still a rarity in the smartphone industry where most selfie snappers come with a fixed focus. A front camera with automatic focus will be able to take clearer pictures of objects that aren't just at arm's length, but are situated at various distances in the frame.

    Samsung is said to employ an encoder-type actuator for the autofocusing tasks, as it allows for slimmer camera modules, but, naturally, when asked for comments, it replied with "We cannot discuss any information regarding new products that are not commercialized yet."

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    waiting on fire for S8


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    it's not how i imagined it
    الحصول على رقم امريكي

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