Banned Country Changes

For several years certain countries have been barred from new signups here at, due mostly to a high level of invite abuse ourselves and other private trackers experienced at the time. We relaxed this policy about 2 years ago (see here), and it turned out quite well. We're going to continue this trend by removing all the bans; anyone in any country can join without any kind of special permission needed.

Please be aware that if you send an invite to someone and you get an "email in use" warning, that means they have an account here already. The account might be disabled, but all they need to do is stop by our Help Channel on IRC and we can get their account enabled again! So if you run into this please do not try to invite them via a different email or anything like that, just send them to us and we'll get their old account sorted out.

For full details please check out this forum post here (along with any discussion, questions, or comments).

Just a reminder that the Site Birthday Celebrations will be ending on 2016-12-10. That means the site-wide free leech and 2x upload will end on the 10th. Make sure it does not surprise you, finish leeching stuff that doesn't have the normal *FREE* tag by the 9th or be prepared for it to start counting on your download!