Welcome to 2017 Boys and Girls!!!
Well we have offically said FUCK YOU 2016, and let's hope that we're off to a better start this year.
This is a time to take all those resolutions you made and hopefully (but not likely ;P) put them to action. Lets make this a great year.

First order of business, Global Freeleech has ended as of 10pm UTC. We hope everyone enjoyed their little Christmas Present and got everything they wanted guilt free.

Secondly, The Christmas Tree Contest has closed and the votes are in!
1st Place: locotaco
2nd Place: supernick97
3rd Place: darkstar

We hope everyone here had a great time over the holidays and while we usher in 2017 our users and community continue to grow and develop into something even greater than it is now.

Well, as they say. Thats all folks, Happy New Year