Two important things happen here on New Years day....

1. Global freeleech is over, only certain files, packs and the "Bluray" section will be freeleech from then on.

2. Any non VIP/Donor whom has been here 1 month or more and has a ratio less than .50 will be banned. Notice was given a few months ago this would happen and there have been months of freeleech to get your ratios up so there is no excuse for anyone to not have a decent ratio by Jan 1st.

Until then enjoy the holidays

21.11.2012 - Reminder about seeding BluRays and Packs
As some of you may have noticed H&R's are no longer being tolerated around here. Warnings have been giving out to hundreds of members over the past few months. Most have figured out that H&R's are bad, but a select few were too dense to figure it out and they are no longer members. We only want active members willing to share here.

So on to the topic....

Every time members snatch a file I upload(mainly Bluray/Remux files and a few packs) I have a habit of looking at their past activity. I have noticed many people think they can just grab a 20-50gb file, seed it a few days and be done. This is not the case and it has been clearly stated numerous times in the past these file needed to be seeded for longer times due to their size.

Movie packs and anything downloaded from the "Bluray" section(Bluray/Remux files) must be seeded to at least a 1:1 ratio OR 7 days minimum.

If you do not do this you will receive a one week warning for each file not seeded properly. If you actually H&R on either of those(don't seed 48 continuous or 72 hours within 7 days) you will receive a 2 week warning for each or possibly a ban if you are a repeat offender or have numerous previous H&R's or warnings

These are large files and when you H&R you leave the original uploader with the task of seeding longer. This only hurts the members because the uploader can't move on to the next new file when you are too lazy to seed properly. It is pretty simple, seed properly and you will see new releases here earlier!

Also have some respect for our uploaders. If a pack is uploaded(especially if it is internal) you can be sure the uploader spent a lot of time creating it and deserves the members to seed it back to the best of their ability. Asking someone to seed for 7 days minimum on a pack that might have taken weeks of the uploaders time to create really isn't asking too much is it? Also asking "why wasn't this movie included" or saying "the pack is missing this" isn't something that should be left in the comments, use the comment section for thanking the uploader for his/her hard work!

If you don't agree to these requirements you are free to not download these files.