Dear Waffles,

As staff members, we wish nothing more but to present you all with good news. And hence it is with no shortness of heartache that we come to you at this happy time, bearing its opposite.

In short: we've been hit, Waffles, we've been hit hard.

It all started quite some time ago when issues with fund collection put a serious dent in our money supply. Fortunately, we were able to resolve those issues and, with your help, return to a stable income. However, the break in donations left us with a hefty amount of debt. We've been steadily clearing that debt since we got our things in order, and we thank both you and our patient hosts for keeping us afloat for this long.

But alas, even after all our efforts, we are still €4,400 in debt and time is running out. According to our host we must pay €3000 by December 22nd and the remainder by January 10th, or face the inevitability of being shut down.

So it is with this fiscal and emotional burden that we come to you today, Waffles, downtrodden yet hopeful, asking for your help. If we can raise €3000 by December 22nd then we will surely come out from under this rock and head steadfast towards a better future, with better news, and perchance even better Waffle recipes. If not, then let it be known on behalf of us all that it has been nothing short of honorable serving as your staff, and that we feel privileged to have had such devoted, loving members for all this time.

But for now, please help us out and
donate whatever you can for the good of our community. If each of our active members gave just $1.00, it would already be enough to keep us running. And if you can't donate, then simply leave us a message, tell us about yourselves, so that maybe one day we could meet up for a beer. Or five.

For some time now, we staff members have fielded inquiries and requests to donate in a more private/less traceable manner. We are happy to announce that we have come up with a way - a Waffles shop of sorts - run by some very kind individuals with no affiliation with whatsoever. So, if privacy and worry has prevented you from donating in the past, we have a solution that we believe will allay your fears. If you're interested in donating through this method, please
send a staff pm
and we will get back to you with more information.

Naturally, your donations will be met with a very special free leech and copious other symbolic rewards.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season. May it turn out much brighter than ever anticipated!