I don't know what to say about you people, except that you're the best. But thanks to the MASSIVE support after posting the below, we have now not only covered the red PayPal balance, but paid for 2 months at the hosting company, and are in the clear for a little while when it comes to server costs. Thank you all!


Unfortunately some asshats seem to think it is fun to kick a site while it's on it's knees.

Due to some older donations being reversed through the payer's credit card company, PWT is currently about €180 in the red with PayPal. That means currently the account is -€180

Not sure if, how and when we'll make that up, but this person has put both the site and me personally in a tough spot.

As you all know, donations aren't exactly booming, which is not something we are angry or anything about by the way. PWT is a free service for our members and will always be so for as long as I own this place. With this latest asshattery, I'm quite honestly not sure how long we'll be able to keep it up though.

Anyone who can help, it is highly appreciated. Anyone who can not, we appreciate you as well All our members are important, and we plan to stick around for quite a while still.

PWT is per today, the oldest still living private torrent tracker, with a traceable history back to the beginning of the millenium. We're looking at a decade of documented history next year, and we plan to be around to experience that milestone. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that these are rocky times for PWT, but we're going to pull through somehow.