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    Waffles.fm : Thank you, Waffles!

    Thank you, Waffles! 2012-12-15 00:19:43 We, the staff, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and generosity. We have cleared up our past debt and are getting back in the black now. We know that money is tight for everyone these days (and especially at the holiday season), so we consider ourselves extra-lucky to have a community as loving and supportive as you all are.

    Waffles.fm you are incredible!

    With Love, Shinikaru, darylith, michelle, Woodenhead, Narfarious, nomado, wozgo, goemon4, radicaldino, Samhain, thrace, Vitz, Haarry, olenpriit, lostsupper, galador, edgewyn, Mr. J, thread, synapt, billymaysh3re, groovyds, enc, MidniteRockr, MusicMan02, pogglywoggly

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    Donations over 3000 in a day???? wowwww...

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