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    *Thought I post something new since no one has posted here in a while.

    Come on people, post your reviews, a lot of people are using seedboxes.
    Make your voices known.
    Speed: 2 Gbps
    Traffic : Unmetered
    Client : ruTorrent v3.7
    Speed of GUI: 8/10
    Package: SB-930GB
    Price: 12 USD
    Overall rating: 2/10
    Where to begin...

    Well I can't quite remember how I came across this provider, though looking at the feature page it certainly caught my eye which was I decided to sign up to the provider.

    Trackers Allowed : Public & Private. Though not written anywhere on the site. I only noticed from their tutorial topics, Public trackers were used in the description.
    I download from both Public and Private trackers often, and was glad they support both.

    Supported programs: Btsync [Btsync or Syncthing are my go programs for file transfers].

    Bandwidth : I've primarily used services with capped bandwidth and I barely even use 90% most of the time, so the unlimited bandwidth feature didn't really appeal to me.
    Nonetheless, I thought I see how much I could push if I really tried.
    Unto the review

    So many negative things to say about this provider.

    Positives :

    1. After purchase Deployment
    Upon purchase my seedbox was auto deployed and ready to be used. Some people might wonder why I'm mentioning this, from previous experiences even from the very
    known major Seedbox providers, they claim instant delivery but I've ended with a non-functional seedbox too few a times, not necessarily an awaiting message but simply
    a dead on arrival box/stuck in limbo seedbox.

    2. GUI
    It was very responsive every time I either started the client or as usual restarted the client.

    Negatives :

    Literally everything else.

    1. Client Download
    Public : The average download speed I got was around 500 - 700 KB/s. It barely even got around 1-2MB/s and never getting above 4 MB/s, I figured maybe the pool of
    the peers were home connections. To counter this I decided to try the other side of the pound.
    Private : I grabbed a few freeleech torrents and packs, average speed I got was 6 MB/s and the maximum speed I got peaked at 12.2MB/s. Don't even bother try to use
    this as a racing seedbox, obviously I'm not in the race with the heavy dedi-hitters but other shared boxers, when they've all finished downloading and seeding, you're still
    half way downloading.

    :: Example ::
    I downloaded the same files from a private sites measuring against another provider I was with on their lowest tiers. Let's refer the other provider = SeedEEDA
    From the get go, SeedEEDA was already connected to peers in the swarm, while was still trying to get it bearing. Obviously you can conclude how
    that ended.
    Similar test on Public tracker, it appeared to now be in performing strides with SeedEEDA, but as usual was left in the dust.

    As a test I started the same torrent file on both platforms, unknown to me at the time, SeedEEDA was performing server wide maintenance which affected my box
    obviously, as a result the client crashed numerous times before literally being unresponsive for about a duration of 5 hours. At the point, the torrent on the client kept on downloading, I figured might as well scrap the test. Only for the services to resume back on SeedEEDA, and would you believe it,
    the torrent on SeedEEDA finished downloading and was seeding continuously while on the other hand the torrent on had barely even reached half way.

    2. Client Upload
    I was curious what speed I would get, since I assumed as an Unmetered provider there would be some form of limitation on the speed, but to what extent.

    Public : Average speed reached and maintained was about 400-600 KB/s, it only peak and maintained a barely constant speed of 1 MB/s if the ratio of leechers was
    widely disproportionate to the seeder, or in most cases the seeder was AFK and leechers just piled on and on.
    Private : Average speed reached and maintained was about speed of 2-3 MB/s.

    3. Client itself [Plugins (main + additional)]
    On the surface it appears like any other client provided by other seedbox providers until a closer look. There is no mention of autodl-irssi support anywhere on site,
    so I naturally assumed other plugins might help mitigate against this, like main plugins eg (RSS). There was no RSS support, in fact most of the widely used main
    plugins are not supported on the service.

    It gets worse, upon going into rTorrent client settings tab, a few number of tabs are missing.
    namely ~Download, Connection, Bittorrent, Advanced, Feeds tabs. This is major deal breaker, as I usually enabled DHT and Peer Exchanged on public trackers for
    better peering when I download lowly seeded torrents, that wouldn't possible with this provider.

    Another issue, the client kept on crashing,
    Pausing a number of torrents Crashed
    Deleting a number of torrents Crashed
    Moving a number of torrents Crashed
    Force re-checking Crashed
    If I were to give the number of times I had to restart the client, it will total at least over 40 times.

    4. Supported application
    BTsync : This was the first thing that caught my eye after logging into my client area, all account login details were list from FTP login and password, then there
    was that of Btsync.
    The details for BTsync was simply just the BtSync Secret code and BtSync QR Code [mobile download]. I began to wonder where was the BTsync url for the web
    gui. After a submitted ticket, the response I got from Support was that the web gui wasn't supported on their platform.

    I was perplexed with this revelation, because on their product price landing page it clearly shows Bittorrent Sync support. This is one of the reason I decided to
    test this particular provider. Not many of providers [even the widely known ones] currently support BTsync, though they do suggest they would implement it some
    time in the future. For me, BTsync or Syncthing at the moment are my preferred method of file transfer, , FTP just doesn't cut it.

    To use Btsync, you'll have to transfer the specific download folder to the Btsync folder and access the your files using the given details. At times, I had issues simply
    trying to move files to the BTsync folder.

    Peerflix : I didn't try it.

    5. Support
    The response tone was respectful. At first, every ticket I submitted by the end of the day received a response or possibly the next day. Then the moment I requested
    a refund, all responses stopped. At first, I naturally assumed it was because of the Holidays [the time I purchased the box], which is pretty much understandable
    that staff support would be absent, but not even an acknowledgement of the tickets I submitted.

    Their Refund policy is dodgy as hell, at the time of writing this review, it reads
    "Will I get a refund for the time not used if I close the service before its expiry date?
    We regret to say it is not possible. No refund will be given for the time not used."

    When I requested for a refund, I was pointed to their policy, to which I made a distinction in the fallacy in their policy.
    "No refund will be given for the time not used." [Their current posted policy]

    This is pretty much standard every where, even outside the realms of seedbox providers. Now if their policy was to imply no refund would be given regardless of any
    issue(s), then it should be along the lines ...

    1. does not offer a refund-based Money Back Guarantee (MBG) of any kind.
    2. Refunds are not possible.

    Bare in mind this was within the first 24 hours of using the service, and I didn't run a mill on the servers aka bandwidth abuse (downloading/uploading a ton of
    torrents). It was pretty much very light weight downloading that I was using to perform tests, before I found the service provided was unsatisfactory.
    6. Peering [Home Download]
    The peering to my location was poor. This is the first provider I've used that my peering to the server was unsatisfactory.

    I made the mistake of using the seedbox after my refund request was denied, I didn't want to file a charge back, and just decided to suck it up and use the service.
    Before my term time expired, I tried to move the most important files to my home connection, it literally appeared like my connection was being filtered and what
    not, so I tried other methods

    >> Option B : Using other seedbox provider [Server location North America] SeedEEDA
    FTP 2 FTP transfer = = File transfer denied
    BTysnc = the average speed was < 100 KB/s

    >> Option C: Using my VPS [Server Location Europe]
    Similar result as above

    >> Final Option:
    I might as well find another Seedbox provider that does Server -2- Server migration, maybe I'm doing something wrong.
    I purchased a box, passed my details to support. I did this with at least 6 days before the end of my term time on It wasn't until the 4th day I
    remembered to contact support of the new Seedbox to find out the status of the transfer, if all was done. In those 4 days out of 700 GB I requested to be migrated,
    only 22 GB had been transferred. I was speechless, because it was looking like I won't be able to get my files off the server before the end of my term

    I still can't believe it, 22 GB in 4 days, I can download triple that amount on my home connection in a day, I've even moved over 900 GB using FTP-2-FTP transfer
    in less than 5 hours in the past. I understand given the server location of is Asia state side in Thailand but that peering was too bad to even
    comprehend, not just to my location, but everywhere else I tried.

    Overall is too below average in every aspect to recommend, especially when there are better alternative providers that do a better job.
    Even the unlimited bandwidth is not a win bonus, when all things are considered.

    As I said initially I'm still trying to remember how I stumbled unto this particular provider, and as it did catch my eye and I was curious since I didn't find any review
    about it anywhere.

    I've been using seedboxes for a very long time, since when they were a hot topic on trackers during their inception. Which is why I like to once in a while check out
    seedboxes here and there, looking for a possible diamond in rough or hidden gem. From the many I have tried over the years, very few were exceptionally good,
    some were good and okayish, and those I am not going to use EVER again. falls in the latter category.

    One thing is certain, I would neither be a concurrent nor return customer. To put it simply "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

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    Will be aware of them now. Won't even consider.
    Thanks for the review and letting us know

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    Nice seedbox review

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