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    Thumbs up ratio cheating software

    I have been giving out invites to people on here for the last 2 mounths.
    And it has recently come to my attention that 3 people have been using RATIO CHEATING PROGRAMS.
    Whick got them ban from iptorrents and myamouse.
    It apears to me you just cant trust everyone.!
    from now on i will not give out invites unless you have a minimum 300 posts and a good reputation.
    I thought this would never happen, but i guess some people just cant be trusted.
    WHEN you invite someone to a tracker its your account on the line.
    Be carefull who you give out invites too.

    Its pretty sad when people screw you over.

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    mate that sad news ( you lost good tracker )

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    I hate when people do this! You get banned for being generous :-/

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    That suck buddy

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    Always ask for 2 Speedtest Proofs and Ratio Proofs from reputed trackers.

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    I think the persons which you invited and cheated the ratio they deserve a warning here , this is against the rules on every tracker

    if you want you can pm me with the proofs of the peoples you invited and caused you troubles and I will add them a warning

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