Torrent's Name: TorrentCrate

Torrent's Genre: General

Signup Link:

Additional Information: TorrentCrate (TC) is a General Private Tracker.

They just opened the doors as of today, so this will be a growing community as you can see. You will notice at first that there are hardly any seeders on their torrents, that's because they haven't built a member base yet for they just opened up. But, those torrents that they have so far are on amazing servers apparently because I was getting crazy fast speeds getting their torrents! They seem to be looking for uploaders, active users, and what-not. I've been a member since they were in development stage and I must say this tracker is "one of a kind". Not in a bad way, of course They have a upload bot and their pre times are on point (within minutes if not seconds) and on FAST servers! Now all they need are some active seeders/leechers and they will be on their way up the ladder. They have a nice bonus system to help you maintain your ratio easily. You can even get bonus points just for idling in their IRC channel. They have a autodl-irssi script that the autodl-irssi community added to their repository, which in my eyes, is impressive. If you like autodl-irssi, they most certainly have that available to use. RSS is also available. They take requests to anyone and have a nice forum. Oh, also, when you signup, they automatically give you 2 weeks of freeleech! So they give you time to build ratio!

I can keep going and going about the positives about this tracker, but I will just let you find out on your own But, yes, they have so much potential just need you guys and gals to help them out being a active part of their community. So, if you are a active seeder/leecher and want to signup, I encourage you to do so!

P.S. - **Attention seedbox users** -> If you are using a seedbox, they do ask that you let them know. So, get in contact with a staff member telling them your seedbox info.