Time flies, CHD2.0 station has been nearly six months. Looking back this half a year, from the original barren land to the present one brick and one tile are inseparable from the hard work of the administrator, the main moderator, with the hardships and members of the support.
Think of the 1.0 era of the CHD, it is a brilliant years of fire, members are looking in the eyes. Today we meet in the 2.0 era, there are old friends, new friends, there are movies, there are stories.
Uniquely happy music, no high-definition brother. Leisure time, we point a dish of "spinach" under the wine, with the cut mountains, chat movies, then life, enjoying themselves, perhaps, this is the true meaning of CHD.
Very happy to continue in the era of CHD2.0 chat room withheld, this is my beginning on the film dream place, but also looking forward to this dream can be like "Pirates of the dream space" in the gyro, never fall.

Nonsense to this point, began to announce the rules of activity:
As the name suggests, write your story with CHD, the story can be tilted Chen wine, grain can brew, whether you and the old CHD all the past (such as the brothers love, interesting, or feel all), or with the new CHD Thousands of emotions, or have been interspersed with the moment, write your memory fragments.
You talk slowly, we listen to it. At the same time, what is the sincere advice, but also hope that you have his right.
This is a five - star comment on the reception, brothers, we do not go drunk!

The date of solicitation: April 15, 2017
All the essay are in this post, in reply to the form of release. The number of words is not limited, the more the better.
This article is strictly prohibited irrigation! The The All irrigation posts will be deleted.

After the date of publication of the article, it will be assessed by the CHDBits Management Group and awarded five rank awards.
1. Grand Prize 1 200G upload; 20000 magic
2. First prize 1 100G upload; 10000 magic
3. Second prize 2 80G upload; 8000 magic
3. Third prize 3 50G upload; 5000 magic
5. Participate in the award of five 3000 magic