I'm sad to say that many users don't know what the colored torrents mean exactly. This lack of knowledge is seen in torrents snatches.

Taken from FAQ:

-Yellow torrents are freeleech, which means that the download amount won't be counted for you, but your upload will.
-The green torrents areFREE to download as well, but will count the upload 2x, meaning if you upload 1 GB on such a torrent, in your stats on the site it will be counted as 2 GB uploaded.
-The grey torrents are 2x up as well, but the download is counted, just like with every normal non-colored torrent.

the best: Green - U:2x D:0x
Yellow - U:1x D:0x
Grey - U:2x D:1x

Any user that uploads a TV Pack needs to contact staff in order to be set green. Don't enter to seed until is green!