Dear Member:

HD network since its inception, with the most streamlined way, put a lot of time, manpower and material resources, to create a first-class HD sharing platform. We adhere to the "happy to share" concept, do not set the harsh conditions, so that the member can be obtained in a relaxed, pleasant state of their favorite high-definition resources. With the expansion of the platform, the number of servers of China's high-definition network sharp increase in demand, the cost is also increasing. HD network in December 18 to December 21 in order to ensure the continued development of the platform, open to all members to seek donor support.

During this period of contributions of more than $ 20 members, can be permanently receive double magic value state and star icon.

The donor adopts Taobao purchase payment open, so that member donations:

Donor process:

1, click the following links to jump to Taobao commodity page, and then immediately buy (unlimited number).
й CNHD ˫ħֵ״̬ ͼ-Ա

2, in the district / service "," game account "two columns fill your HD Network account (for administrators to add the the double magic value state and star icon).

3, successful payment, complete donor the administrator add value status of permanent double magic star icon for your account within 24 hours.