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    BTN Invite Will Be Enable

    BTN is going to enableinvitesfor power users and above on 21st

    So the world is going to end in a few days.

    We here at BTN headquarters know there are many people in the bitorrent world that have been itching to join us here. So we figure, considering the world as we know it is going to end on the 21st, why not let them enjoy their last moments.

    So, starting at 10am (my time) on December 21 - all userclasses of Power User and above will be able to send their invites. They will remain open for 24 hours or when the rapture happens, whichever comes first.

    Don't have any invites? The Lumens Store has now been stocked. Note - Users and Members will also be able to purchase invites during this time, but will be unable to send them this time around, sorry.

    You are responsible for who you invite. If they cheat/trade/sell blah blah blah - you will hear from us. If they simply don't use their account or attract many H&Rs - oh well, shit happens. This is your opportunity to help build the userbase, BTN members, so be selective. Take some care with who you are letting in. We want to maintain the integrity of our wonderful community.

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    great news.. waited for one along time ago

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