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    BTN : News


    Please note that the invite rules have been updated; in short you can only offer/give invites to individuals; you cannot offer them (give away threads, shoutboxes, twitter etc) anywhere. This applies to ALL non-Staff classes (FLS are considered Staff). Staff approval is required for any exceptions.

    Extract from KB as follows:

    2: Rules and Responsibilities

    There are several rules you must follow when considering a user to invite:

    1: The trading, selling, and buying of invites or accounts is strictly forbidden.
    2: Invite only your friends, people you trust, and those you have known for a long time.
    3: All users (Every Class including VIP, Master & TC) are forbidden from giving away invites on any forum (or shoutbox etc), whether public or private. This includes recruitment sections on other trackers, unless approved by staff here.

    Users are responsible for their invitations and invitees. Users found breaking these rules will have their invites permanently disabled at best. At worst, their account and their invite tree will be disabled.

    Link to KB Thread: here
    Link to Site Rules: here

    We are approaching our upper-user limit; and as such need to tighten the invite rules.

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    i love this site

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