2012-12-17 - For some time now observe that the e-mail addresses posted to arrive by mail, to the weekly newsletter, regiszrációs password reminder, or email. Most arrived in freemail.hu Leveler is responsible, by 80%. Even the winners citromail.hu, vipmail.hu.
The best service in gmail.com, where in each case the letter arrived, which was not specified correctly in the Accounts.
In many cases, so many crappy servers and e-mail addresses you use (avh.hu, valamiviccesnev.tld), where the quota is full and can not accept more letters or long does not exist on the domain.

Therefore, we ask you, is that if you use something weaker Hungarian service, change email address to something more reliable for your own good. We offer the following email providers: - gmail.com - yahoo.com - hotmail.com
What they do not offer, that:
- Freemail.hu - citromail.hu - vipmail.hu - and viccesmagyarhosztnév.tld
- And we do not recommend the ISP addresses for both of these systems is low quota, on the other hand, in case of switching access your lost and you're going to forget to exchange e-mail address on the site.

Címetek email exchange initiated by the Settings page, under password you entered.
Forgot password, the password reminder form to request a new password for e-mail addresses.
I do not live address and password if you forgot to invite user confirmed REQUEST message to the Contact page címetek the email exchange.