Christmas is coming and this year we'd like to see
how you choose to decorate your Christmas tree.

We invite all of you to join in and take part in Torrentzilla's

Christmas Tree Photo Contest

Show off your Christmas spirit and post your best shot
to grab your chance at winning one of the prizes in the pot.

The Rules:

- In your photo, you MUST have piece of paper or similar with your tree
that has the text TZILLA and the date on it. This has to be clearly

- No Photoshopping! If we find out that your picture has been altered
in any way, you will be disqualified from the contest.

- Your picture has to be posted properly to be a valid entry.
( remember: [imgw]linktopicture[/imgw] )

- Your picture has to be posted here before December 26th.

What's there to win?

1st prize: 1000gb ratio credit and 6 months VIP time

2nd prize: 750gb ratio credit and 3 months VIP time

3rd prize: 500gb ratio credit and 1 month VIP time

When do we know who wins?

The winners will be announced before or on January 1st, 2013.