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    Flash is a Scammer

    Flash jusst scammed me, check his IP if he will create a new account here.


    Re: Hello

    Originally Posted by UPS
    thank you for your pm.
    pls send me other offers, searching for Redacted, Theoccult, Thevault,
    Awesome-HD, karagarga, WiHD, DB9, Pedro's, GardenCenterStage, SceneHD,

    I have scenehd account with email which I don't need anymore with few TB buffer. Here is proof about account with your name in search bar:

    so send me xxxxxx account details or if you have invite to: x[email protected]
    and after I check I will send scenehd account + email details.
    I was scammed here a few times, so will not happen anymore, so I insist that you send me first and as you see I have some reputation here.

    Okay, deal. Lets trade.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx pw: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx pw: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Please send me now SceneHD details.

    send me the details now, how long do you need

    Afther that he went offline.
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    I'm very sorry for the loss of your account. But next time be very careful first consult the moderators who can help. So you do not get ripped off. regards
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    Sorry for the loss of your account. But you had be more carefull

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    thank you guys, much appreciated

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