Its LeechMania at Bitsoup!

Donate $25 before midnight on Monday the 24th of December.
and you will have LeechMania until Jan 31st 2013!

Download as much as you like without it affecting your ratio

Donate this weekend, and you will have FreeLeech until the end of Jan 2013.
Downloads don't count against your ratio. Uploads add to your ratio!

When you have activated LeechMania you will see the LeechMania icon.

This allows everyone to get up to date on things they would like to download
but don't have the ratio to do it with.
Nothing you download will make your ratio go down.
Everything you upload will improve your ratio!

Remember, it's unlimited too!
So there is nothing but goodies in your future!

Your $25.00 donation provides you with

* Full Leech Access until the 31st of Jan 2013
* No download amounts charged to ratio
* Promotion to VIP class.
* Access to the VIP forum
* Donor Star.
* Custom title
* Immune to H&R
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