He just scammed me yesterday SceneHD, he created few threads such as:

Have Morethan.tv buffered acc

Have: HDCity.li account with mail

Want: SceneHD Have: offers

TheVault.click account

Offer: M-Team Acc Buffered Morethan.tv acc buffered UltraHDClub TehConnection acc Filelist acc for 1 x invite SceneHD

Morethantv.tv buffered ACC

MTV Apollo Theoccult PTH Want: HDSky TTG ACC with email

Have: UltraHDClub account want: Offers

Need HDSky account (Have offers)

Need HDSKY have good offer (Apollo, UltraHdclub)

Have: Tehconnection acc Want: Offers

Apollo acc Buffered Want: HDSky

and so on.

Dont make any Trades with this guy, SCAMMER, went offline and before lied in pm preety hard.