Downloading rules have been updated please take a minute to read them


  1. This is a sharing community. As you download, you are required to share back your part.
  2. You must maintain a general overall ratio of 1.0 or better. In other words, we expect you to seed back just as much as you have downloaded!
    • To the extent possible, maintain a minimum ratio of 0.5 for each torrent you download.

  3. Never share the .torrent file you download from this site, it is a personal .torrent file! Sharing your .torrent with others will result in a ban. If you add another trackers URL to any torrent you are seeding to this site, it will be considered cheating.
  4. Check for other seeders before you stop seeding a torrent. If you have a torrent in your history that requires seeding you will have a notification bar telling you what you are required to seed. It is strongly urged that you try re-seeding if you have the files. However, if you don't, you can ignore the notification.

Hit and Run

  • Do not Hit and Run. Hit and Run is when you stop seeding altogether just as soon as you finish downloading either by pausing the torrent or completely removing it from the client. Multiple Hit and Runs may result in leech status, a warning or in serious cases even a ban from the site.
    1. 24hrs (1 day) for a single TV Episodes or 1:1
    2. 120hrs (5 days) for a single Movie or 1:1
    3. 168hrs (7days) for packs or 1:1

  • Current policy is subject to change and it is the users responsibility to review these rules periodically
  • HnR is in a trial mode and these rules are considered "soft" so it is up to the moderators' discretion to enforce them.
  • Frequent breaking of these rules will result in warnings and possibly a ban while the occasional mistake will be overlooked.