2012.12.23 - CHD Alliance Forum Logo Design Competition

We thrive in the support and care of the general membership. We will gradually brilliant, more conducive the CHD Alliance network publicity is better to show the style and characteristics of CHD Union, establish new image of CHD Union, is now facing the full Forum membership solicitation CHD the Alliance Logo design program. Whether you are a well recognized design guru, is full of talented creative master, favorite movies HD fans enthusiastic CHD Union Member, CHD Union are very sincere invitation you can participate in the the CHD Alliance Logo Design Contest . He anywhere using the design works. Time Contributor time: December 23, 2012 - January 15, 2013 management group selection time: January 16, 2013 - January 25, 2013 publication of the results: January 26, 2013 【 Prizes] , a first prize - was CHDBITS permanent VIP treatment, the title of by CHD BBS honorary member Finalist 3 - was CHDBITS upload traffic 500G reward, was CHD BBS 888 coins and 2 prestige Forum reward 3 All entrants will receive CHDBITS upload traffic 10G reward by CHD BBS 200 Forum reward currency 【Instruction】 the works design manuscript is recommended for professional graphic design software, such as PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, CORELDRAW, 3DMAX completed, participating attachments can be sent an e-mail to chdtvcom@qq.com [design requirements , fundamental: to reflect the CHD Union demeanor, performance CHD Alliance professional, rigorous, lively website features. 2, logo: distinctive and easy to remember, reflects the characteristics of a high-definition movie theme. 3, artistry: bright colors and comfortable, profound not Custornary, in line with the public's aesthetic. Practicality: concise works applicable to the the CHD Alliance BBS site, ease of production and production used in a variety of products to. 5 creative: design show superior imagination, causing the viewer spiritual resonance. Entry Rules 1, contestants will be confirmed with the original copyright of the works submitted, all entries must upload author creation. Winning entries Upon selection, copyright by CHD Union all; CHD Union have the right to think the right way to use and modify the work. 3, once discovered plagiarism CHD Union have the right to cancel the work of award of the work and will be deleted in the event page, responsibility is the sole responsibility of the works uploaded. Participants need to retain high-precision. Tif.ai. Psd format artwork in order to provide, after his election to the Call for Papers square. 5 contestants submit upload designs, that default has agreed to more than all the competition rules. 6, CHD Union reserves the final interpretation of the entries in this solicitation. [Using instructions] entries, if formally adopted, the designer needs with the design modifications that may be submitted to the CHD Union Logo creative design and implication text description and complete vector graphics available in the source file and font used. [Intellectual property] works must be original, infringe the intellectual property rights of others, by designers assume all liability. Works by using CHD Union that the work independently owned intellectual property rights, including the right to use and the right to publish and the right to modify the design work, a combination of applications, designers must not in any other place to use the design works. In addition, to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the founding of the CHD Union Forum, 2012.12.25 ~ 2013.1.15 open forum registration.