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    I have had a box from for several years now and recently got a second box also from them.

    The boxes are very good value for money.

    They start at 375GB with 1Gbps download speed and 50mbps upload speed.

    The largest and fastest box is 2.97TB space with 1Gbps download and 1Gbps upload speed

    The boxes I use are 750GB space, 1Gbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed. For my needs this is more than adequate.

    All the boxes are unmetered, with unlimited uploads so there is no bandwidth restriction or number of torrents you can seed at a time.

    On certain boxes you can get the Plex Media Server, RClone and AppStore.

    The smallest box is 11.27$ per month while the largest one is 71.21$ per month.

    Also their customer service is very good with rapid response.

    The servers are based in the EvoSwitch datacenter AMS1.

    I did a lot of research before going for my first seedbox because i was hesitant and nervous about making the right choice, and my budget is very tight. But i have been with them for several years now because is both affordable and effective.

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    My current plan is SB-04 . Speeds are normal but if you want to race .. this is not for that . You cant use 2 0r 3 client at same time . Its alloweed only one , you can switch the torrent client to ruTorrent or Deluge or Transmission . Once I am race with deluge on several trackers but result is not so good .
    The most disappoint thing is their support system ... they take too much time to reply .

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    Looking Nice

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