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    PTP : News

    Happy Holidays!

    We hope you're enjoying the holiday season and relishing the time off school/work. We've had a fantastic year at PTP and the staff would like to celebrate by showering you with some gifts of our own!

    Party Hats!
    We know how much you loved the birthday hats last month so we decided to reinvent them as a site feature! Now, in the Bonus Point Store, you can purchase a festive hat for others. Check out this wiki page for more info.

    Re-seeding changes
    Torrents get bumped when re-seeded (if there was a re-seed request)
    You get a notification when a torrent has been re-seeded
    You can add yourself to the notification list for re-seed requests made by others
    Re-seed requests are sent to downloaders as well as snatchers for sparsely snatched torrents (can be toggled on/off in your profile)
    Re-seed request button (or its next available time) is always shown if the torrent isn't active
    Re-seed requests are sent in the name of the requester to make replying easier
    No PM is sent to the requester of the reseed
    Option to limit listing on the Need for seed page to your re-seed requests
    Order by and show (for a particular torrent) the number of re-seed requests on the Need for seed page
    Option to ask for seeding help

    Misc. changes
    Login system rewrite (includes Captcha mechanism)
    Subscribable Collections
    Torrent deletion notifications to snatchers and downloaders (can be toggled on/off in your profile)
    [img] tags no longer required when embedding images in upload release descriptions
    MediaInfo above screenshots in upload release descriptions
    Full path is removed from MediaInfo logs
    Filter by runtime for requests and on missing.php
    Show your own username in the downloadlist, peerlist and snatchlist first
    "Catch Up" button on "Posts" page
    Sort by title on collections/bookmarks/snatches/downloads/uploads/seeding/leeching pages
    Order collections by movie add date
    Resolution listed in notifications
    Option for 'Retail Blu-Ray Image or Remux'
    Extended runtime info on the movie page

    Staff picks!
    Finally, we have a round of impromptu Christmas picks from some of our staff. These will be half-leech for a week through till New Year's. Enjoy!

    Die Hard [1988]

    Home Alone [1990]

    Bad Santa [2003]

    Another Earth [2011]

    The Star Wars Holiday Special [1978]

    Scrooged [1988]

    Love Actually [2003]

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    PTP Staff

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    chan ga goi dem giá r?

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