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    BaconBits : News

    Happy 3rd Birthday bB

    24h Invite Extravaganza!!

    Hippo, Birdy, 2 Ewe...
    Hippo, Birdy, 2 Ewe...
    Hippo, Birdy Deer, bB...
    Hippo, Birdy, 2 Ewe!

    Happy 3rd Birthday, bB
    User invite restrictions have been temporarily lifted and you will be able to use your invites for the next 24hrs! When the confetti stops falling, open invites will be no more.

    Incredibly Important: Remember the
    Golden Rules - You are completely responsible for the people you invite. If your invitees are caught cheating or trading/selling invites, not only will they be banned, so will you. Think long and hard about your invitee; are they good for the community? Will they respect and uphold our rules and policies? By inviting them, you are vouching for them and putting your own account on the line.

    Be careful who you invite.

    Go on now, have some fun

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    i hope to get invited by some generous person.

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