3 Years minimum warranty on sales.
Everyone who is selling must add 3 years warranty to everything they sell. If you sell something, it should work for at least 3 years. 1 Month warranty is not enough.
Everyone should follow this. You must respect the warranty : Replacement(with same tracker or different) / otherwise - Refund the money.

Sales before this announcement is not forced to be respected, only starting today you must give 3 years warranty on everything you sell.
You can't just sell accounts that get disabled. Sell only safe trackers.

This rule can be bypassed if both the buyer and the seller agree on their own terms regarding the warranty, if you want lower warranty and both the buyer and seller agree with it, you can sell as you wish. But otherwise the warranty rules apply as default for 3 years.
If you both agree to "no warranty" policy then you can do that, no warranty. So this rule only applies if no policy was set by default.

Good luck buying/selling private torrent trackers access.