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    HD-Torrents | HDT | HD | 2018 Review

    HD-Torrents | HDT | HD | 2018 Review

    Name HD-Torrents
    Tracker URL https://hd-torrents.org/
    Tracker Genre HD
    Tracker Type Ratio Based
    Bonus System Yes
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
    Banned Countries --
    Traker Irc Server: irc.P2P-Network.net
    Main Channel: #HD-Torrents
    Announce Channel: #HD-Torrents.Announce


    HD-torrents is one of the best HD trackers. This is one of my go to trackers for untouched blu-rays and remuxes. Users can join through invitations. This is one of the must join trackers and currently among the best if you can't join HDbits or Awesome-HD. The thing is that you need a seedbox or high speed connection to survive on this tracker. No other way around that. There is a requirement to download at least 15 GB per quarter (3 months). The year is divided into 4 quarters. Statistics will start on 0:00 on 1st day on every quarter. If a member has not downloaded 15 GB till 26th on 3rd month of every quarter (March, June, September, December) he/she will be informed by blinking value of the downloaded amount during current quarter. If the user has not downloaded 15GB till 23:30 on last day of the 3rd month of the current quarter his/her account will be disabled. All newly registered members will enjoy a grace period until the 1-st day of the next quarter. The rule is valid for all members except VIP and above classes. The staff members are very friendly from my experience. The forums are active.








    Site FAQ & Rules

    User classes & Promotion


    Speed 8/10
    Pretimes 8/10
    Content 8/10
    Community 8/10
    Overall 8/10

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    Very good encoders there..worth to join..

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