Wigornot | WDMA | General | 2018 Review

Name Wigornot
Forum URL https://wigornot.com/f/
Forum Genre General
Forum Type Ratio based
Bonus System Yes
Seed Difficulty Medium
Forum Signup Closed / Invites Only
Banned Countries --
Forum Irc --


Wigornot is a small forum based general private tracker. Wig is one of the wdma trackers. They are very secretive and the staff members does not want us to talk about them outside the site. The community is very active with many forum posts everyday. There are a lot of torrents being uploaded daily. Maintaining a good ratio won't be a problem if you grab some popular movie/tv show uploads as soon as they are uploaded. Invites are very difficult to obtain as they are only given to the experienced members once or twice a year and these users are very selective while choosing invitees. Don't waste your time by looking for an invite to simply add this tracker to your collection. Almost all the torrents are reuploaded from other trackers. The best thing about this tracker is the forum, it's very active.



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Speed 8/10
Pretimes 8/10
Content 8/10
Community 8/10
Overall 8/10